With nearsite wellness centers throughout the United States, our members can be sure that they and their families are within reach of amazing care, in-person or virtually.

    Healthcare wherever you need it most.

    Best-in-class care for the whole family is closer than you think. Premise Health’s national network of nearsite wellness centers offers clinically brilliant primary care and mental health counseling with a care team that treats the whole person. Even better – they’re located right down the road from the places you go most, making it easier than ever to fit an appointment into your day.


    No one offers more ways to help more people.

    Primary Care

    Convenient checkups, wellness advice, condition management and member-focused care.


    Faster, easier fills with one-on-one counseling and education.

    Connected Care+

    Using data to connect comprehensive care across the entire ecosystem.

    Behavioral Health

    Identify and treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more.


    Specialists focus on early intervention paired with personalized treatment and prevention programs.


    Full-service centers and digital touchpoints that motivate and build active cultures.


    Easy, convenient ways to promote healthy living and whole-person care.

    Experience the difference.

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