Onsite Care

Our members don’t have to go far for exceptional care.


Our providers are always nearby. By putting care on campus, we provide unrivaled access to the best care possible for a wide variety of needs. The closer the care, the more productive your people can be.


Our providers have been on campuses across the country helping members get the care they need safely and efficiently for more than 50 years. It’s all about making the member experience as seamless and easy as possible.

Seamless access

In addition to physical onsite facilities, our members can access care virtually through their mobile devices and desktop connections. This seamless integration of digital and physical access drives higher engagement and better health outcomes.

AAAHC accredited

It stands for the highest standard in care and patient safety. With 88 sites now accredited, we’ve implemented more AAAHC-accredited centers than anybody else in the industry.


Build exactly what your organization needs. We offer facility design expertise and the widest onsite service offering in the industry, so organizations can tailor care to their members.


High-tech but still high-touch, we use technology to simplify care from digital health records to online appointment setting. Smarter, faster care has arrived.

Privacy Promised

We comply with the same strict level of HIPAA as any other care provider. To protect your personal data, we’ve achieved the HITRUST CSF certification status for our electronic health record.

State-of-the-art onsite health centers from coast to coast.


5-minute average wait time. More face time. We’ve shortened the time spent in the waiting room so members and providers can spend time where it counts, together.


Our members love us. A 94 Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty score that indicates how likely a member is to recommend us to friends and family.


Over 800 wellness centers. We collaborate closely with our clients to assess their needs and handle it all: facility design, recruiting, staffing, reporting, and more.

No member left behind.

No one offers more care products that serve more people. And our dedicated providers spend more time with members to build trusted relationships and deliver quality inclusive care for all. This focus on meaningful connections leads to better health outcomes for our members and the organizations we proudly serve.

Primary Care

Convenient checkups, wellness advice, condition management, and focused care.


Faster, easier fills with one-on-one counseling and education.

Connected Care+

Using data to connect comprehensive care across the entire ecosystem.

Behavioral Health

Identify and treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more.

Occupational Health

Improving safety, driving productivity, and preventing injury.


Specialists with early intervention focus and customized wellness programs.


Full-service centers and digital touchpoints that motivate participation.


Easy, convenient ways to promote healthy living and whole-person care.

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