Pandemic Readiness

Stay open for business – no matter what.

Strategically prepare for the future needs of your workforce.

Amid a public health crisis, ensuring your business can maintain operations, minimize disruption, and come out the other side stronger takes careful planning and preparation. This goal starts with the right partner who’s been there before and knows how to prioritize employee safety.

At Premise Health, our scalable, expert-led pandemic response solutions are built to ensure business continuity and hazard mitigation. Our comprehensive offering can be deployed quickly and includes strategic and clinical consulting to help navigate immediate and future needs, on-demand access to virtual primary care, screening and testing to facilitate continued operations, and care support for members who have been impacted. When community resources are limited, we play a critical role in providing proactive support and access to high-quality healthcare.

Your workplace health and safety needs met.

One Integrated Choice and Strategic Partner

Premise Health’s primary care ecosystem is the gateway to exceptional healthcare for every organization – especially during a pandemic. Whether your members are remote or essential, we meet them with accessible, powerful healthcare solutions. Our scalable offering can be tailored to unique workforce needs with adaptability and business preservation in mind. With the most robust product offering in the industry, we deliver a hybrid of digital and physical access points that help your people stay healthy through any crisis.

A Partnership You Can Lean On

Pandemic planning means tailoring policies and strategies to best fit your workforce while prioritizing safe operations and access to high-quality care. By adhering to the latest guidelines and adapting as needed, we bring over 50 years of healthcare expertise to maintain smooth operations while serving as a strategic advisor to employers. From staffing and protective equipment to preparation and support, our turnkey solutions have everything you need and more.

Support for the New Normal

Your people are your greatest asset, and ensuring they maintain access to healthcare is essential. When community practices and health systems can’t provide vital services, Premise care teams stand ready to alleviate the burden on limited resources. Our providers offer primary care and behavioral health support to help members cope with stress and anxiety, while our care support teams provide daily check-ins, symptom monitoring, and assistance with medications. We address acute concerns before they become serious health issues.

Recovery After the Storm

Daily operations and return-to-work protocol plans may look different for each organization. Whether you’re a manufacturing plant continuing to run throughout a widespread health crisis or an expansive tech campus whose employees are working remotely, having a plan will make a big difference in your ability to recover and resume normal operations. At Premise, we provide the knowledge and expertise you need to develop screening and testing strategies, return members to campus, form travel policies, and more. Whatever the need, we help create a successful recovery.

Digital and Physical Access

During a pandemic, virtual health plays a vital role in allowing individuals to access care when and where it’s needed, especially when in-person care is limited. By providing a combination of digital and physical access points, direct primary care reduces the burden on the healthcare system and helps individuals stay out of emergency rooms and hospitals where they risk potential exposure. With our nearly 20 products offered in a digital environment, we deliver comprehensive care that keeps your people safe.

Our pandemic readiness offering includes:

  • Strategic and clinical consulting
  • In-person and online screening
  • Testing programs
  • National virtual health
  • Local virtual health
  • Care support
  • Condition management
  • Return-to-work
  • Behavioral health
  • Business continuity planning

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