Solutions that offer more convenience and a deeper level of care.

Giving pharmacy a bigger role is the best medicine.

Pharmacists are part of our members’ broader care team. This coordinated approach allows pharmacists to have a better understanding of members’ needs and provides personalized support and education. Combined with the convenience of onsite and nearsite pharmacies, as well as digital touchpoints, we help drive better outcomes for members and better results for organizations.

Maintain Medication Regimens | Premise Health Pharmacy

Maintain medication regimens

People who rely on medication don’t always use them as directed for optimal results. And if people don’t take their medications at all, the therapy won’t work. Our experience tells us that one of the keys to reducing overall healthcare costs is increasing medication adherence.

Educate Your Workforce | Premise Health Pharmacy

Educate your workforce

Our pharmacists are integrated closely into your care team, allowing them to create relationships and build trust with members. This access gives them the opportunity to foster healthier living across your organization, leading to better medication adherence and lower medical costs.

Nurture Every Relationship | Premise Health Pharmacy

Nurture every relationship

Premise pharmacists learn what barriers are at the root of members who aren’t taking their medication regularly to ensure compliance and optimal results. By forming relationships with members as well as providers, our team can craft comprehensive medication management programs with improved outcomes and reduced costs.

Provide Meaningful Support | Premise Health Pharmacy

Provide meaningful support

Our pharmacy staff plays an essential role in your member’s healthcare journey by providing solutions and critical counseling, promoting behavior change, and encouraging simple remedies so costly ones aren’t needed. If a medication plan is required, texts and notifications will make it even easier to manage medications.

Making a bigger impact.

As one of the most visible and accessible members of the care team, pharmacists can have a huge impact. When you give members pharmaceutical resources that make their personal health goals easier to manage and achieve, everyone benefits.

Easy to access

By offering both virtual and in-person care options, we deliver the convenient access to pharmaceutical resources members need.

High-quality care

Evidence-based practice, member focus, and quality time during appointments ensures treatment plans are as appropriate as possible.

Personalized plans

Our pharmacists take the time to ensure every plan is evidence-based, clinically appropriate, cost-effective, and member-centered.

Education and counseling

At the start of a new treatment, members will receive not only an “offer to counsel,” but personalized support from a pharmacist they know and trust.

Convenient fulfillment

Our digital and physical access points make it convenient for members to obtain the medication they depend on.


With continued support following the start of a new therapy, our attentive pharmacists will monitor treatment to lower the likelihood of prescription abandonment.

Proactive outreach

Our pharmacists are committed to maintaining ongoing relationships with members through proactive outreach, support, coaching, and follow-up to ensure participation and wellbeing.

Treatment assessment

Comprehensive plans follow our members to the end of their treatment plan to ensure the desired clinical outcomes have been realized.

Services that set us apart.

Clinical Pharmacy

We offer clinical, pharmacist-led chronic condition management, member education, and behavior coaching.

Prescription Delivery

Members get to experience the convenience of having their prescriptions shipped directly to their door.

Provider Dispensing

Medication dispensing solutions offer members more convenient access to their medications.

Everything you need.

  • Medication prescribing and monitoring
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Member counseling, coaching, and guidance
  • Disease-specific education
  • Therapeutic interchange program
  • Variable copay assistance program
  • Immunizations
  • Formulary review and claims analysis

Wherever, whenever, however you need it.

A wider range of care products helps large organizations serve a broader scope of needs, making it convenient and easy for every member to access that care through nearby facilities or digital touchpoints that connect to their lives is key to improved outcomes.

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