Clinical Pharmacy

Pharmacist-led condition management, education, and lifestyle coaching for members with chronic health conditions.

Working harder for members.

As one of the most visible and accessible members of a healthcare team, dedicated pharmacists can also have the biggest impact.

Our pharmacists take the time to get to know members and learn what it takes to promote better health. The objective is to improve lifestyle choices, reinforce medication adherence, and reduce overall costs.

Going beyond simply dispensing medication.

Increase medication outcomes

Millions of people rely on preventive or maintenance medications, but they don’t always use them as directed, which can lead to potentially dangerous complications and higher costs. Our pharmacists work closely with members to increase medication adherence, improve health outcomes, and reduce overall healthcare spend.

Teach better lifestyle choices

Our pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help members make smarter healthcare decisions, adopt healthier habits, and adapt treatment plans to match their lifestyles. By building individual relationships with members and understanding their needs, we can influence positive change across your organization. This leads to better medication adherence, lower medical costs, and healthier members.

Guide good habits

Pharmacy staff take the time to learn what motivates your people. Working with care providers and members, we harness that information to craft comprehensive medication management programs that improve outcomes and reduce downstream medical costs.

Promoting meaningful change

Our pharmacists play an essential role in your members healthcare journey. From early education to longterm maintenance, our pharmacy solution promotes lifestyle change for the whole family and encourages simple remedies so costly ones aren’t needed. We can also provide counseling or even simple reminders through texts and notifications to make managing medications easier than ever. Our model provides proactive and personalized guidance and support for every phase of the care journey, from diagnosis to maintenance to resolution.

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