Biometric Screenings

Keep an eye on overall member health.

Biometric screenings keep your workforce at their best.

The best way to keep your workforce healthy and to enhance your benefits package is by providing proactive health-risk assessments. eHealthScreenings, a Premise Health company, offers a range of flexible biometric screening services, using finger stick or venipuncture, to include onsite events, offsite labs, at-home kits, and physician screenings tailored to your specific wellness needs.


Help your members understand their own health.

Screenings Made Simple

Designed to help members understand their health and facilitate positive lifestyle goals, biometric screenings offer valuable insights into current and potential medical issues, risk of preventable chronic conditions, and strategies to improve wellbeing through a series of vital risk assessment tests that provide measurable insights into members’ overall health.

Dedicated Event Support

Your screening event team will lead you through the implementation process from start to finish, acting as a single point of contact and tailoring each event to the unique needs of your population. Bilingual English and Spanish capability are integrated with the eHealthScreenings team for a seamless experience.

Online Scheduling Platform

We build a branded, customizable, online appointment scheduler for every client. Telephonic scheduling is available through our internal event support team at no additional cost, along with participant marketing materials for every client event.

Individual Results

After each screening, members receive a personal copy of their results and a comprehensive health education booklet with easy-to-understand explanations for each test.

Personal, easy-to-understand results.

Expert Health Education

Every finger stick methodology screening includes a brief results review, with all methodologies including in-depth risk stratification reporting, send to doctor service, and educational animated videos per tested category available within our portal.

Tablet-Based Technology

Using our HIPAA compliant, proprietary encrypted biometric information transfer system (e.b.i.t.), we’re able to validate members and transmit screening data quickly and efficiently, in real-time.

Outcome Management

From initial design to ongoing oversight, we can help you create a customized program that is easy to administer and track so you can stay ahead of preventable conditions and manage ever-rising healthcare costs. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, medical exclusion processing, reasonable alternative programming, and appeals administration.

Comprehensive Testing

Supported by a national network of licensed physicians and wellness technicians in 50 states and 1,900+ offsite lab locations, eHealthScreenings, a Premise Health company, has served 2,500+ clients and garnered a 99% member satisfaction rate. Tests include finger stick or venipuncture screenings, full lipid panel (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides), blood glucose, body composition, cotinine, chem panels, A1c, TSH, PSA and more.

In-Depth Reporting

Our robust reporting package includes aggregate event participation, condition-specific trends, population health metrics, and satisfaction survey data. Custom and cohort reporting is also available. All reports are delivered in electronic format or accessible through the online platform.

Vendor Integration

Whether you have 20 members or you manage millions of lives, our robust software system works with your existing benefits strategy to provide seamless information sharing. We can exchange information in a variety of ways, including single sign on connection, API, secure data transfer, and automated data exports.

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