Virtual Occupational Health

Accidents don’t only happen during business hours, which is why your workers need access to an expert around the clock. From factory floors to computer workstations, employees can access on-demand care and treatment by video or phone from a dedicated occupational health care team 24/7 in all 50 states.

Convenient care for after-hours and remote workforces.

With over 50 years of experience developing occupational health programs for every industry and workplace imaginable, we’re bringing that wisdom to the masses through our Digital Wellness Center. Leveraging a centralized care team that’s completely virtual, we deliver medically appropriate care nationwide for work-related injuries and illnesses, first aid and treatment, as well as stay-at-work recommendations and guidance for safe return-to-work strategies.

Get help and get back on the job.

When a workplace injury happens, you need to get care and get back to work quickly. See how Get Care Now on the My Premise Health app makes it simple for workers to talk to an occupational health expert 24/7, get their issue addressed, and get cleared to return to work safely.

Benefits for employees and organizations alike.

Workplace injury triage and treatment

When your employees need care on the job, you don’t have time to wonder if they’re getting the right treatment. Our virtual occupational health providers deliver appropriate injury care using a conservative approach, helping organizations prevent unnecessary OSHA recordables and treat on-the-job injuries quickly.

Keeping employees out of the hospital and on the job

Hospital visits are expensive, but sometimes the ER is all your employees have access to. Speaking with a trained occupational health physician or nurse virtually means your people can get appropriate care and treatment they need, right when they need it, without visiting a hospital. This saves you and your employees time and money.

One vendor for all your occupational health needs

Offering the most comprehensive virtual or in-person occupational health services in the industry, Premise can solve for all your workplace needs. Stop playing the confusing point solution game and work with one partner that’s known for award-winning occupational health.

Benefits for your employees

Dealing with an injury at work can be hard on employees, and it’s far from convenient. Virtual occupational health offers a solution that can get everyone the care they need quickly to help avoid lengthy emergency room waits, prevent unnecessary time away from work, and get back on the job safely. All employees are supported through virtual occupational health and our virtual platform allows employees to easily connect with our team by video, phone or secure messaging, no matter when or where a work-related injury arises.

Capabilities of virtual occupational health include:

  • Injury evaluation and triage
  • First aid and treatment
  • Diagnosis of work-related illness or injury
  • Stay-at-work recommendations
  • Return-to-work strategies
  • Ergonomics (by appointment only)

Digital health is transforming.

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