Wellness Program Management

Driving engagement with expert led programming.

Laying the groundwork for a well workforce.

Simply put, wellness program managers do it all. From planning and coordinating the delivery of corporate wellness programs to serving as a liaison between clients and vendors – they make sure organizations are set up to succeed. This starts by building a culture of wellness that improves upon healthy behaviors and meets the needs of every population.

By driving program utilization, and setting clearly defined goals, our wellness program managers help organizations reduce healthcare costs, increase employee retention, and promote productivity.

Leading your team to success.

Programs Built on Population Insights and Outcomes

Creating a healthy and strong workforce starts by identifying the root of their healthcare needs. To do this, our wellness program managers evaluate participation and health data to develop customized programs, workshops, and seminars relevant to your team. They have the insight required to keep members engaged while also assisting in the management of design, implementation, and evaluation of wellness programs.

Teamwork at its Best

Wellness program managers are a valuable player on a larger care team. From the benefits team to the wellness centers, fitness centers, food services, and more – they stay connected and collaborate with other providers on the Premise Health team. Additionally, they serve as a liaison to internal and external key stakeholders, ensuring that operational and reporting requirements are met, while creating positive, effective, and long-term customer relations and client satisfaction.

Ahead of the Curve Programming

The wellness industry is quickly evolving, and your programming should reflect these trends. Wellness program managers frequently evaluate your health and wellness programs and services to make sure they’re top performing and premium. Each year, they help clients reach their vision by developing, managing, and executing strategic plans while providing tactical input and direction. From workshops and health education to self-guided screenings – you can rest assured that your programming is attracting quality talent while simultaneously helping your people thrive.

Meeting Members Where They Are

Our health and wellness program managers get to know your population’s needs by providing periodic one-on-one member coaching and health education. Whether the member desires screening services or help with behavior change, our wellness program managers ensure they have the programming they require to fulfill their wellness goals while also finding ways to keep them engaged. Our managers assist in the implementation of marketing and communication plans and help develop newsletters, promotional materials, and more.

Our wellness program managers provide the following services:

  • Provides wellness industry expertise
  • Develops, promotes, and implements wellness programs
  • Supports marketing and communications
  • Serves as liaison between client and vendors
  • Drives engagement within the client’s population
  • Guides clients towards key strategies that improve employee wellbeing

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