Virtual Primary Care

Skip running around town to different offices and trying to communicate with multiple providers. We’ve built a digital healthcare service with you in mind, delivering on-demand access to a team of dedicated providers who are available 24/7 on one platform. It’s primary care that fits into members lives no matter when or where they need it.

Clinical quality we’re known for, now available virtually, nationwide.

We’re already the top choice for exceptional primary care at our onsite and nearsite wellness centers, and now we’re bringing that care to members anytime, anywhere through our Digital Wellness Center. Fully remote employees, families looking for convenience, or simply anyone with a busy life will appreciate 24/7, 50 state access to the same holistic primary care you’ve come to expect from Premise – now virtual.

Less wait time, more face time.

When you need care for a routine or minor issue, why waste time in another waiting room? See for yourself how easy it is for members in all 50 states to connect with a provider 24/7 using Get Care Now on the My Premise Health app.

Hold telehealth to a higher standard.

Virtual providers that know your name

Stop playing physician roulette. With the ability to designate a virtual provider as your primary care physician (PCP), members can build a relationship with the same trusted provider and avoid repeating their medical history ad nauseum every time they need care. Our dedicated provider teams treat members holistically, keeping their values, beliefs, and lifestyle top of mind.

They’ll never get lost in the shuffle

We not only treat the symptoms that cause someone to request a virtual visit, but also create a personalized care plan, so we can best monitor a member’s health on a consistent basis. Our providers become your member’s trusted ally, helping them navigate the healthcare system and strive for better health. For instances where members need in-person care, our concierge care team helps them connect to the right in-network care in their community.

Fully integrated, digitally and in-person

Along with offering a superior clinical experience, virtual primary care seamlessly integrates with our broad range of products and services that build on our foundation of over 800 in-person wellness centers across the country. One online portal and app, My Premise Health, allows providers to easily access a member’s medical history and streamline communication, resulting in a better experience for everyone.

Whole-person healthcare

We deliver the same high-quality whole-person care, including preventive services, acute care, and chronic condition management, that you’d expect from any of our in-person wellness centers. Considering social determinants of health in our approach, we account for the unique needs, experiences, strengths, and challenges of each individual and how those impact health and wellness.

Services available through virtual primary care include:

    • Preventive care
    • Ergonomics
    • Medication management
    • Travel medicine
    • Wellness
    • Women’s health
    • Short-term illness
    • Condition management
    • Behavioral health
    • General skin conditions
    • Pediatrics ages 2+

Digital health is transforming.

Prepare yourself for the future of healthcare.

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