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Digital Wellness Center

The gold standard of digital care that allows organizations to deliver virtual health to members nationwide through a single, cloud-based portal from a centralized care team. Members can experience the unparalleled convenience of at-home primary care visits, prescription delivery and pharmacist support, behavioral health counseling, and more, all from dedicated teams that get to know them and work together to deliver a broad spectrum of care.

Hightech meets hightouch with an integrated population health and care navigation solution.

Connected Care+ enhances the Digital Wellness Center by infusing powerful, data-driven insights to identify, guide, and provide high-value care to members and their families. With one client achieving more than three times the return on their investment in the first year, this is a value-based network that actually lives up to its value claim. By ensuring members receive appropriate treatment and connecting them to personalized, quality care they need, we generate better outcomes while lowering healthcare costs.

Next-generation care that’s more convenient and connected.

Virtual Primary Care

Give members primary care whenever and wherever they need it, creating a medical home for them to better manage their health and get expert help navigating local care as needed.

Virtual Behavioral Health

Provide convenient, one-on-one access to counseling from the comforts of home for optimal mental and emotional wellbeing.

Virtual Occupational Health

Leverage centralized teams to deliver medical care for work-related injuries and illnesses, provide nurse triage and first aid, and offer medically appropriate guidance for safe return-to-work strategies and more.

Virtual Pharmacy

Going beyond simply dispensing medication, pharmacists play an essential role on the care team by helping providers and members make smarter healthcare decisions.

Connected Care+

Leverage predictive analytics, advanced technology, and best-in-class partnerships to guide members to better outcomes with lower costs.

One secure member portal that does it all.

Simplified experience

A single login streamlines connection and reduces privacy concerns.

My Premise Health

Virtual visits, medication refills, medical history, test results, and more.

Automatic alerts

Sync smart devices to monitor conditions as they develop.

Stay connected.

Communicate with providers from the palm of your hand.

Dedicated care teams.

24/7 on-demand care available across all 50 states.

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