Build a corporate fitness and recreation program that integrates our medical experience and fitness expertise into one combined strategy to get all members moving, from sedentary to athlete. With the unique ability to serve your member’s full activity spectrum, we manage your onsite and virtual fitness center from start to finish, help your people learn to use exercise as medicine, and work collaboratively to optimize the health of all members.

A culture of physical activity starts with a corporate fitness program.

We design and manage your member-based fitness program, helping you build participation and drive meaningful outcomes. Whether you’re introducing a corporate fitness program for the first time, adding a fitness center to an existing onsite or nearsite wellness center, or implementing a virtual solution for a hybrid workforce, our experts will work with you to create a custom fitness and movement strategy that aligns with your organization’s culture. In addition to custom-designed onsite fitness centers, we offer wellness services, recreation programming, customized training plans, group classes, and when available, collaboration with our primary care providers – all coordinated by Premise Health fitness professionals.

Go beyond your typical community gym.

Qualified staff

Our team of degreed fitness professionals have specialized training and high-quality certifications that give them the tools and knowledge they need to help people move more and move better. We handle all aspects of staffing, including recruiting and training, so your people can put their trust in the best talent available.

Actionable results

We make it easy to track your fitness program’s impact through utilization and outcomes reporting. This gives us the ability to continuously tweak our approach so we can reach your goals as an organization and help every member set and achieve realistic physical activity goals.

Customized programs

We are breaking the stereotype that gyms are only for fit people by keeping your entire population in mind – not just those who are already active – and providing inclusive, custom programs. Our approach offers targeted programming that helps your members build up their physical activity little by little, regardless of their starting fitness level. We regularly evaluate and modify our approach to engage participants of all skill levels, taking into consideration their readiness to change and current activity. With something for everyone, we help build a culture of wellness at your organization where everyone belongs.

Personal consultation and instruction

One-on-one sessions with our fitness professionals can take place digitally or in-person to help uncover your members’ unique physical activity needs. By focusing on realistic goals and skills, they’ll have the tools they need to fully utilize equipment at the onsite fitness center or keep up their fitness journey at home, with their friends and family, or while traveling.

Build a corporate fitness solution from start to finish.

From concept to completion, we work with facilities, architects, and interior designers to design the onsite fitness center, recommend space allocations, create 2D and 3D facility layouts, plan equipment budgets, and leverage our national account pricing for equipment purchasing on our client’s behalf.

We provide full-service management for all facets of your corporate fitness and recreation center from development to implementation, and delivery. This includes the recruiting, hiring, and training of staff, directing center operations, building member engagement, providing program marketing, and more.

Medical fitness management

Guided by provider referrals, this integrated primary care solution offers medically supervised fitness education and movement instruction to treat those with elevated health risks, chronic conditions, and co-morbidities. Using physical activity as medicine, members build the knowledge, skills, habits, and confidence to continue activity on their own.

Virtual fitness center

Located on a centralized platform, your members have access to interactive live and on-demand fitness activities and resources and the guidance of high-touch support. Using the same philosophies as our onsite fitness centers, our virtual fitness experts work to engage members no matter their fitness level or geographic location.

Our fitness offering includes:

  • Facility design and development
  • One-on-one goal setting
  • Physical activity coaching
  • Group exercise classes
  • Live and on-demand virtual fitness classes
  • Member and facility management
  • Medical fitness and prescribed movement
  • Movement, ergonomics, and fitness assessments
  • Mindfulness and resilience programs
  • Personal training
  • Educational and recreational events
  • Member management and engagement software
  • Reporting and outcomes

Wherever, whenever, however you need it.

A wider range of care products helps large organizations serve a broader scope of needs, making it convenient and easy for every member to access that care through nearby facilities or digital touchpoints that connect to their lives is key to improved outcomes.

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