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Inspire a culture of movement – one step at a time.

Promoting physical activity starts with a corporate fitness program.

Research shows that people are more sedentary than ever before and over a third of adults in the U.S. are overweight. At Premise Health, we want to change this by helping people move more and sit less. Our goal is to get members up from their desks or workspaces and recognize the value of an active lifestyle. Studies have shown that increasing the amount of time people move, even just a little, can have huge health benefits. A sedentary lifestyle affects health, productivity, and ultimately, it’s affecting your bottom line.

The right resources and support.

A Program Physically Fit for Your Organization

We design and manage onsite, member-based fitness centers, and give you everything you need to build participation and results. Whether you’re integrating a fitness program into your existing onsite or nearsite wellness center or implementing a virtual solution, Premise Health will work with you to create a custom fitness and movement program that fits your organization’s culture. In addition to custom-designed fitness centers, we offer wellness programs, customized fitness plans, and group classes – all coordinated by a Premise Health fitness coach.

Activate a Healthy Productive Workforce

Premise Health has over 300 fitness professionals at more than 60 onsite fitness locations, touching over 100,000 lives and inspiring movement for over 35 years. No one is more equipped or passionate about helping members make fitness a part of their workday. Our programs extend to your remote workforce too, with online challenges, virtual consultations, and fitness-membership reimbursement programs, so regardless of where members are, they can stay healthy and fit.

Customized Programs

We look at your entire population – not just those who are active – to provide inclusive programs that support increasing physical activity for local and remote members. We regularly evaluate and modify our approach to engage participants of all skill levels, taking into consideration their readiness to change and current activity.

Collaborative Care

Integrating an onsite fitness center into the broader spectrum of care provides unmatched value for members who need it most. Guided by clinician oversight, the wellness and fitness centers work collaboratively to refer members with chronic conditions or those at risk, prescribe physical activity as medicine, track progress, and manage treatment for optimal health.

Physical activity is good medicine.

Qualified Staff

Our team of degreed fitness professionals possess specialized training and active certifications that give them the tools and knowledge they need to get people moving.

Actionable Results

We make it easy to track the program’s impact through utilization and outcomes reporting. This gives you the ability to continuously tweak your program so we can help every member set, progress, and meet realistic physical activity goals.

Personal Consultation and Instruction

One-on-one sessions with our fitness professionals help to uncover your members’ physical activity needs. By focusing on realistic goals and skills, they’ll have the tools they need to fully utilize equipment at the onsite fitness center, or anywhere they feel comfortable.

Our fitness offerings include:

  • Educational and recreational events
  • Facility design and development
  • Goal setting and fitness coaching
  • Group exercise classes
  • Member and facility management
  • Medical fitness and prescribed movement
  • Movement, ergonomics, and fitness assessments
  • Mindfulness and resilience services and resources
  • Personal training

Wherever, whenever, however you need it.

A wider range of care products helps large organizations serve a broader scope of needs, making it convenient and easy for every member to access that care through nearby facilities or digital touchpoints that connect to their lives is key to improved outcomes.

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