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Nutrition: Transforming Health from the Inside Out

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For people trying to balance staying well with leading busy lives, self-improvement might feel complicated, expensive, and even at times unfeasible. It feels like there isn’t time to work in a meditation session, kids’ soccer practice, a trip to the grocery store, a high-intensity workout, and quality time with your spouse, all in the same […]

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Why is a Patient Experience Program and Training Important?

Direct Healthcare

At your last doctor’s appointment, were you greeted with a smile when you entered the office? Did your provider ask about your family and remember their names? When your appointment was over, did staff members help you find your way back to where you came in? Unfortunately, many patients don’t encounter these things on their […]

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4 Things Your Claims Data Can Tell You

Industry Insights

Getting a clear picture into your organization’s healthcare costs can be difficult. A lack of insight into who is getting care and where presents significant challenges for organizations looking to get a handle on healthcare spending. However, your claims data can be a treasure trove of insights. Partnering with a healthcare provider or a claims […]

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Value-Driven Care: The Right Side of Healthcare for Commercial Populations

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The unfortunate reality is that our healthcare system doesn’t serve organizations or their people well. Every day, employers struggle to control wasteful healthcare spending and employees struggle to navigate a system they don’t understand. Economic inflation means employers are expecting a 5.6% increase in benefit cost per employee in 2023, and potentially more in coming […]

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Find Relief with Tips and Stretches from Our Latest Ergonomics Webinar


In the most recent webinar from The Break Room, our exclusive series for Premise Health members, Casey Engles, CPT, CGFI, CMES, covers ergonomics tips and demonstrates stretches you can do throughout your workday to prevent and relieve musculoskeletal issues. Watch the recording of “Stretch Break: Guided movements and tips for workday relief” below and practice […]

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