Care Excellence

Specialized care from the very best.

Enhancing care delivery for the most complex of needs.

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in America behind heart disease and cancer. That’s why Premise Health has teamed up with Mayo Clinic, recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the number one hospital in the world, to create a Centers of Excellence solution that expedites access to specialty care for members with complex, serious, or rare conditions. By leveraging the Mayo Clinic’s Complex Care program, our providers can connect members to high-quality care that aids rapid evaluation, accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and a seamless transition back to local care.

Specialized treatment for those who need it most.

Answers to Complex Questions

If you or a loved one has ever been diagnosed with a complex, serious, or rare condition, or were told you need a high-cost, high-risk treatment, you know that it can be overwhelming and often difficult to navigate the right course of action. At Premise, members are never alone when it comes to making complicated decisions about their health. Our collaboration with Mayo Clinic ensures members get answers and specialty care from the very best.

Seamless Experiences

From the rare to the persistent, to the substantially disabling, our referral solution tackles the most complex health issues effortlessly. Both Premise and Mayo Clinic share the same electronic health record, streamlining interoperability while making the transition to treatment and back to local care seamless. Regardless of where members seek care, their medical records are always readily available to ensure they receive the most comprehensive care possible.

Rapid Evaluation for Optimal Results

For members navigating serious illnesses like cancer, autoimmune disorders, organ failure, and more, we offer expedited access to the highest quality care in the nation, ensuring smooth transitions and rapid evaluation through our exclusive referral process and shared electronic medical record (EMR) network. By providing an integrated healthcare solution from beginning to end, your organization avoids unnecessary healthcare costs and your people get the care they need, sooner.

Coordination that Improves Outcomes

Premise providers often serve as the gateway to the broader healthcare ecosystem, coordinating care across providers when necessary. By helping members access high-quality specialty care and expertise at Mayo Clinic, we mitigate misdiagnosis, complications, and duplication of services while enhancing the overall member experience and improving the quality of care they receive.

Our Care Excellence offering includes:

  • Member identification at the point of care
  • Referral evaluation and coordination with Mayo Clinic
  • Medical record collection and travel coordination
  • Facilitation of referral process with Mayo Clinic and member
  • Ongoing care and follow-up, locally

Specialized treatment for those who need it most.

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