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Comprehensive solutions for members and families.

Our wide range of products are second to none.

At Premise Health, we have the breadth and depth to build out the most robust onsite, nearsite, or virtual healthcare offering any organization can provide to their workforce. With over 50 years of hard-won knowledge, nearly 30 health products to choose from, and the expert teams to execute on any vision, we customize complete care solutions to address the specific needs of each organization.

Access to Care

Onsite Health Centers

Onsite centers are located where members work and puts their treatment just steps away from their offices. This center belongs solely to the organization, their members, and their members dependents. Organizations can tailor care to their members. We provide revolutionary access to the best care possible to help members be well and stay well.

Nearsite Health Centers

Dependents are responsible for 65% of healthcare spend. That’s why putting care in the neighborhood is crucial to meeting the needs of this population. Whether it’s your organization’s health center or a shared center, we’re closing the distance between members and their providers.

Virtual Health

Regardless of the time of day or how far members are from home, a fully licensed provider is only a short video, message, or phone call away.


Primary Care

Our comprehensive primary care services provide a convenient place for you to get regular checkups, wellness advice, condition management, episodic or acute care.

Occupational Health

Our occupational health capabilities comply with OSHA standards, help enhance safety, promote productivity, and most importantly, prevent workplace injury and illness.


Premise Health’s pharmacies make it faster and easier to fill prescriptions than ever before and gives members quality one-on-one counseling with proper medication education.


We help design and manage full-service onsite and nearsite fitness centers that match any organization’s culture and helps build participation, so members stay active, strong, and fit.


Through our lifestyle medicine approach, we help members live their best lives with products ranging from massage to nutrition to acupuncture and beyond.


Behavioral Health

Whether members need short or long-term counseling, we provide life-changing behavioral health services that identify and treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more.


Through our holistic condition management approach, we close the gate to serious cardiovascular conditions through one-on-one coaching, disease-specific education, self-care training and more.


We go above and beyond muscles and bones to treat musculoskeletal challenges with our cross-trained specialists, early intervention focus, and customized wellness programs.


Premise helps members dealing with obesity learn new healthy habits through one-on-one coaching, behavior change, and tailored programing.


With our pulmonary services, your members never miss a beat as offerings like preventative care, medication counseling, and self-care training are made readily available.

Member Health Management

Member Health Management

We lead members through the complex healthcare ecosystem to get them the high-quality care they need at a price that matches the value. By leveraging claims data, partnerships, and our integrated care model, we give members the support they need to thrive throughout their care journey.


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