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When it comes to healthcare, one size doesn’t fit all. We make it possible for members work with their physical therapist, fill a prescription, meet with a nutritionist, and see their primary care provider anytime, anywhere. Our integrated care model and customized approach means organizations can tailor their offering to the specific needs of their people and their families.

Although Premise has nearly 30 products to choose from, we consider primary care, occupational health, pharmacy, fitness and wellness as our core product offering. We’ve streamlined and simplified our approach to make it easier for you to choose your own healthcare adventure.

A broad range of health services for every population.

Primary Care

Our comprehensive primary care services provide a convenient place for you to get regular checkups, wellness advice, condition management, episodic or acute care.

Products related to primary care include:

Occupational Health

Our occupational health capabilities comply with OSHA standards, help enhance safety, promote productivity, and most importantly, prevent workplace injury and illness.

Products related to occupational health include:


Premise Health’s pharmacies make it faster and easier to fill prescriptions than ever before and gives members quality one-on-one counseling with proper medication education.

Products related to pharmacy include:


We help design and manage full-service onsite and nearsite fitness centers that match any organization’s culture and helps build participation, so members stay active, strong, and fit.


Through our lifestyle medicine approach, we help members live their best lives with products ranging from massage to nutrition to acupuncture and beyond.

Products related to wellness include:


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