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Travel Medicine

Keep members safe and healthy during their travels.

Travel medicine services give members one less thing to worry about.

Whether traveling abroad or managing medication when away from home, Premise Health’s travel medicine program takes care of members from arrival to departure. Premise Health offers specialized travel medicine services that help members develop a comprehensive travel preparation plan and understand how to avoid potential exposures during travel.

Vaccinations for travel purposes include:
• Typhoid
• Yellow fever
• Japanese encephalitis
• Polio
• Rabies
• Routine vaccines

Taking care of members from arrival to departure.

Pre-Travel Risk Assessment

Premise Health providers assess the incidence of endemic, episodic, and epidemic diseases at the destination, socio-political risks (i.e., anti-American sentiment, crime, political unrest), and the traveler’s personal medical and behavioral health history to determine what risks are present based on the exact itinerary, season, goals, and purpose of the trip.

Risk Reduction Planning

Following the assessment, our providers formulate a strategy to reduce risks through behavioral modification, prophylactic medications, vaccinations, and safety counseling – the latter of which may include referral to the client’s life-safety department if available.

Prescriptions & Vaccinations

The provider engages the traveler in a discussion regarding risk of non-vaccine-preventable diseases such as malaria or traveler’s diarrhea and will provide prescriptions for prophylaxis (malaria) or self-treatment (traveler’s diarrhea) where appropriate. Similarly, for persons going to high altitude, the conversation will include discussion of the use of medication to minimize symptoms. Vaccination strategies will include those vaccines appropriate to the destination(s) as well as “catch-up” on missed or overdue routine vaccines.

Staying Healthy While Abroad

Care is coordinated seamlessly across all Premise Health offerings and documented within a single, electronic health record. Members also benefit from convenient care: little to no need to source a travel health provider outside the wellness center (some vaccinations may require outside referral), short wait times, and flexible scheduling options, including accommodation of the last-minute traveler.

Education for Self-Treatment

Education is provided to help the traveler reduce the risk of non-vaccine-preventable food-and water-borne or insect-borne diseases, safety concerns, jet lag, injury, and acute exacerbation of chronic illnesses while traveling.

Post-Travel Triage

Premise Health can provide assessment and treatment or specialist referral for the ill returning traveler.

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