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Primary Care

Make better health a primary goal.

Bringing comprehensive primary care closer than ever before.

Our primary care program focuses on the long-term health of the population – from preventive services to behavioral coaching and modification to chronic condition management. Our approach is built on our mission to help people get, stay, and be well – all while reducing how much members spend on healthcare. With onsite, nearsite, and virtual care offerings, receiving the highest quality primary care has never been easier.

Primary care is critical for detecting many illnesses early.

Taking primary care a step further.

Dedicated provider teams help coordinate care for members across the board. Primary care is just the beginning. We offer your workforce the largest range of onsite healthcare services in the industry. And it’s all fully customizable. We work with organizations to design a personalized program that best serves your workforce.

Our primary care offerings include:

  • Acute healthcare, symptom treatment management
  • Preventive health examinations
  • Health and wellness programs, including biometric screenings
  • Women’s healthcare services
  • Lab work, immunizations, vaccinations, and allergy management
  • Travel medicine
  • Executive physicals
  • Referral management for specialized treatment programs
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology
  • Condition management
  • Clinical advocacy

Related Services

Premise Health’s pharmacies make it faster and easier to fill prescriptions than ever before and give members quality one-on-one counseling with proper medication education.

Our condition management programs focus on continually improving the health of our members who are affected by chronic medical conditions to prevent the condition from becoming a serious illness or disability.

From behavioral screening tools to psychiatry and counseling, we provide life-changing behavioral health services that identify and treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more.

Our physical therapy programs reduce the time and hassle of leaving work and help you recover faster from injuries with quality rehabilitation, education, and pre- and post-surgery support.

Our occupational health capabilities comply with OSHA standards, help enhance safety, promote productivity, and most importantly, prevent workplace injury and illness.

Because good dental care is an integral part of our members' overall health, our dental program offers preventive and urgent care, including restorative dentistry, periodontal treatment, and oral surgery.

Vision care is more than annual eye exams, contacts, and glasses. Our vision health services help identify eye problems and allow for immediate care if onsite injuries occur.

With onsite radiology services, our members get faster diagnoses, treatment, and recovery for both routine and emergency services.

By keeping clinical lab services nearby, we make it simple for you to get the tests and results you seek with quicker turnaround time.


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