Premise Health Launches Nationwide Virtual Platform

New 24/7, 50-state solution integrates virtual health care with comprehensive onsite and nearsite access points

Premise Health, the nation’s leading direct health care company, has launched its 24/7, on-demand virtual primary care product across all 50 states. Known as Premise Virtual, the solution connects members and dependents to high-quality care from a team of dedicated Premise physicians.

Premise Virtual offers employers and their employees and dependents access to primary care, including acute and episodic care and certain behavioral health services. It serves as an extension of the company’s onsite and nearsite wellness centers, providing convenient care at any time.

Virtual health is an access point many companies are integrating into their benefit offerings. A recent Mercer study found nearly nine out of ten employers offer telemedicine in an effort to expand access to care for their employees. Yet many employers who currently offer virtual services experience low penetration and engagement, despite the demand for convenient access to care. Mercer found that on average only 9 percent of eligible employees sign up for the service when available.

Premise aims to change this reality by driving significant change in how virtual care is delivered. In its virtual model, members are cared for by salaried providers who operate on a single EHR system, have access to each patient’s health record, and share the same training and value-based incentives. This approach allows the virtual provider team to develop relationships with onsite and nearsite providers, facilitating tighter referrals and more coordinated care.

“Traditional telehealth services offered by employers have leveraged large networks of contract providers, which meant that virtual health remained disconnected from the larger health care ecosystem,” said Premise President Jami Doucette, MD, MBA, CSCS. “Our approach challenges the status quo by prioritizing access to fully integrated, comprehensive virtual care that engages members in their health and facilitates seamless transition between in-person and virtual visits.”

Quicken Loans, the nation’s largest mortgage lender, is the first Premise client to provide the virtual health option to its 18,000 team members throughout Detroit, Cleveland, Phoenix and Charlotte. In its first month with Premise, Quicken Loans more than doubled its virtual medical engagement compared to its 2019 average and achieved a member satisfaction rating of 93.

In addition to Premise Virtual, Quicken Loans team members in Detroit have access to the Rock Health Collective. This onsite wellness center, operated by Premise Health, includes primary care, urgent care, behavioral health, physical therapy, wellness coaching, chiropractic care, a full-service pharmacy, and navigation. The collaboration between onsite and virtual providers guarantees team members and dependents will receive the care they need from start to finish.

“Our goal is to ensure all 18,000 Quicken Loans team members have immediate access to quality care, no matter if they are at work, at home, or on the go,” said Mike Malloy, Quicken Loans Chief People Officer. “We are truly obsessed with finding a better way to improve team member experience and build upon our world-class health and wellness benefits package. Premise Virtual, paired with our state-of-the-art Rock Health Collective, provides our team members a level of care not possible anywhere else, both online and onsite. We have found this is a key element to attracting the best talent in the nation.”

Premise quickly plans to expand its services offered via virtual. To learn more about Premise’s new standard of virtual care, click here.