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Extend the reach of your benefits with a pharmacy solution.

Finally, a pharmacy that works for you – right where you work.

Leading organizations everywhere are always looking for new ways to keep their people at their best. More and more, that means turning to dedicated pharmacies. At Premise Health, we’ve built our pharmacy programs on the idea that, as one of the most visible and accessible members of a healthcare team, pharmacists can also have the biggest impact.

Our pharmacists do so much more than dispense medicine. They take the time to get to know members and learn what it takes to promote better health – all with a goal to change behavior, reinforce medication adherence, and reduce overall costs.

Rx for a better pharmacy.

• Promote healthy behavior
• Improve access to critical counseling
• Boost medication adherence
• Reduce costs

Influence Member Behavior

A Premise Health pharmacist is in a unique position to help members make smarter healthcare decisions. It all starts with building individual relationships to create a sense that better health is a key part of your company’s culture. Key strategies to drive healthy decisions:

  • Encouraging immunizations
  • Creating a medication routine
  • Explaining how to use critical equipment and supplies
  • Teaching people to monitor chronic conditions

Increase Medication Adherence

Millions of people rely on preventive or maintenance medications, but they don’t always use them as directed for optimal results. And if people don’t take their medications at all, the therapy won’t work – leading to potentially dangerous complications and higher overall costs. Our experience has shown that one of the keys to reducing overall healthcare costs is increasing medication adherence. A Premise Health pharmacy program facilitates behavior change across your organization, leading to better medication adherence and lower medical costs – and, of course, healthier members.

Guide Good Habits

Your Premise Health pharmacist learns what motivates people and then harnesses that information to ensure they take their medications as directed. This is where our pharmacists make the biggest impact. By building relationships with both providers and members, they craft comprehensive medication management programs that improve outcomes and reduce downstream medical costs.

Premise Pharmacy Solutions:

• Promote healthy behavior
• Improve access to critical counseling
• Boost medication adherence
• Reduce costs

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Our comprehensive primary care services provide a convenient place for you to get regular checkups, wellness advice, condition management, episodic/acute care.

Our condition management programs focus on continually improving the health of our members who are affected by chronic medical conditions to prevent the condition from becoming a serious illness or disability.

From behavioral screening tools to psychiatry and counseling, we provide life-changing behavioral health services that identify and treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more.

Our physical therapy programs reduce the time and hassle of leaving work and help you recover faster from injuries with quality rehabilitation, education, and pre- and post-surgery support.

Premise Health’s robust occupational therapy analyzes job functions and descriptions, modifies tools, and makes recommendations to help eliminate accident and injury risk factors in the workplace.

Because good dental care is an integral part of our members' overall health, our dental program offers preventive and urgent care, including restorative dentistry, periodontal treatment, and oral surgery.

Vision care is more than annual eye exams, contacts, and glasses. Our vision health services help identify eye problems and allow for immediate care if onsite injuries occur.

With onsite radiology services, our members get faster diagnoses, treatment, and recovery for both routine and emergency services.

By keeping clinical lab services nearby, we make it simple for you to get the tests and results you seek with quicker turnaround time.


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