How to Tackle Fitness Center Management Without Breaking a Sweat

Your company needs a corporate fitness center for a variety of reasons, but once you’ve committed to opening one, you might be wondering how to get the most out of your investment in and manage the daily upkeep in addition to your other job duties. How do you plan out the space, pick out the exercise  equipment, hire and train staff, deliver the programs and services and keep the fitness center running day in and day out?  

The answer is to leave it up to the professionals, sit back and enjoy the benefits of a well-run fitness center. Keep reading to learn what a professional fitness center management team can bring to your onsite center to help it become a hub of activity, connection, and wellness for your organization.

Build the foundation with smart fitness center design

The first step to creating a fitness center that members want to use is to create a space that they’ll love. Your fitness center management partner should start with discovery – learning about your population, the programs they want, and the space you have to work with – to design a space that will bring all of that to life. There are several key questions to define your onsite fitness center vision that will help your partner to create a space that meets your needs and goals. 

When it comes to building out your facility, an expert team will advise on all elements including industry trends, space allocation, layout, types of fitness equipment, and how to design the facility to support the program you want to deliver. This process includes consulting with architects and construction teams to support the future program from beginning to end. Your ideal partner will also consult governing bodies like the American College of Sports Medicine’s Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines to create a space that is both safe and effective. 

Engage your workforce with a fitness program that’s more than just a fitness room 

Once you’ve got a stunning and well-built fitness space that your sporty employees will enjoy, it’s time to engage your less-active employees too with fitness management services. Onsite fitness center management includes all the elements that go into running a successful corporate fitness program including: 

    • Dedicated staffing 
    • Group exercise classes 
    • Personalized workouts 
    • Equipment maintenance 
    • Digital programming 
    • Recreational events 
    • And more 

The goal is not only to engage members of all fitness levels to meet your organization’s goals, but also to reduce risk associated with the facility by ensuring all industry standards are followed. Facility management services can be customized based on an organization’s needs and can be utilized for a standalone fitness program or one co-located with a medical wellness center. 

Member engagement at all levels 

Corporate fitness center management needs to engage everyone from the serious athlete to the not-so-sure beginner. This happens by considering all the steps of the member’s journey, from awareness to consideration, selection, loyalty, and finally advocacy. The touchpoints at each step should be both digital and in-person to create a high-tech and high-touch environment. By engaging with members at every step of their journey, fitness professionals help members build healthy habits along with becoming dedicated fans of the onsite fitness center.  Fitness center staffing and management services contribute to your wellbeing culture and help attract and retain top talent to your organization.

Creative and motivating fitness programs for your people

The options are endless when it comes to fitness programming. Fitness rooms, exercise pods, wellness spaces, recovery spaces, and more can be customized to create the right mix for your people. Coming back to the questions you asked yourself at the beginning, your programming should be designed to meet a variety of organization goals like:  

    • Building culture with group classes or fitness events 
    • Meeting individual fitness goals with fitness assessments and personal training 
    • Improving mental health and reducing workplace stress with meditation spaces 
    • Supporting chronic condition treatment with medical fitness 

With clear goals and an understanding of your population, it will be easy for your fitness center management partner to design programs that your people will love.

Our experience in the fitness industry makes Premise Health the right partner to help build a comprehensive facility design and development plan and handle daily fitness center management. We’ve done it all, from centralized virtual fitness to large-scale onsite facilities. Additionally, our ability to integrate with our primary care and wellness solutions sets us apart when it comes to fitness center operations. We understand the “why” behind member’s fitness motivations more than most gym management companies. 

Ready to see what we can do for you when it comes to onsite fitness? Reach out to us to let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to building the ideal corporate fitness center for your people today.

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