Evolving Your Corporate Fitness Center from a Standard Site Amenity to an Employee Benefit

Providing fitness services for employees has been a standard amenity for top employers for decades, with around a third of organizations providing an onsite fitness center or gym membership subsidy to their employees. With the labor market more competitive than ever, employers are seeking ways to stand out and a well-designed corporate fitness offering is the perfect way to do that.

What does a standard corporate fitness program look like?

Historically, corporate fitness programs have been focused in one of two areas: an onsite fitness facility with convenient access for workouts either before or after work or at break times, or a standard employee reimbursement for fitness expenses. This type of program gives motivated employees easy access to fitness in their daily routine and employers get the benefits of healthier, happier, more productive employees, along with an attractive recruiting tool.

A corporate fitness center typically includes high-quality commercial equipment, professionally taught group exercise classes, personal training and coaching, group wellness events, ample staff with fitness related degrees and certifications, and more. Fitness reimbursement programs are evolving and could include traditional uses like community gym memberships, as well as new applications, like providing reimbursements for things like fitness apps, specialty fitness studios and high-tech, connected home fitness equipment.

What does an evolved corporate fitness program look like?

As we look to the future, an evolved corporate fitness program is more than just a fun perk. Taking a fitness program to the next level means offering solutions for all members, a true addition to your benefits package, regardless of their location, current interest level, or readiness for exercise. Whether they work onsite or remote, are seasoned athletes or just starting to think about exercise, a complete corporate fitness program should have something for everyone.

Forward thinking organizations are taking a two-pronged approach and offering hybrid fitness services; a mix of onsite and virtual programs that match the fluid nature of today’s flexible work environment. A comprehensive virtual offering should mirror onsite elements like group classes, personalized training and coaching, and virtual events. The hybrid approach is designed to give members more flexibility and the ability to incorporate home and community fitness options seamlessly into their overall exercise plan, whether they are fully remote employees or not.

How can a corporate fitness solution provide inclusive support for all employees, regardless of fitness level?

Building an all-inclusive fitness benefit gives members the guidance, instruction, and support they need on their health and physical activity journey.

High Tech and High Touch

A purposeful strategy is needed to engage unmotivated members and support them on their journey to increased physical activity. Simply providing them with access to fitness apps and fitness equipment isn’t enough to encourage behavior change. A high touch component such as fitness coaching is needed to develop a customized plan that helps members get started, celebrate small wins, and ultimately find a program that they want to participate in on a regular basis.

For many employers and industries, fitness is evolving beyond a site amenity to become a standard part of their benefits package, much like health insurance or PTO, and a vital part of their healthcare strategy. Organizations need the right fitness partner to offer a far reaching program that benefits their members beyond the four walls of the fitness center and that helps them to remain competitive in the challenging labor market.

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