3 Reasons Corporate Virtual Fitness is Here to Stay

There’s no doubt fitness has looked different for many over the past year and will continue to evolve in the future. With gyms and fitness centers closed and 69% of workers saying the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most stressful time in their career, convenient and easily accessible exercise options are more important than ever for physical and mental health.

At Premise, our virtual fitness product has emerged as an effective solution that kept members active, engaged, and well during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve increased fitness memberships since the start of the pandemic by over 13% and have had nearly 250,000 views of virtual fitness content, showing that both employers and members are committed to this new virtual experience.

As the country continues to navigate the new normal, we believe virtual fitness will continue to be a convenient way for members to incorporate fitness in their daily routines even if they haven’t had a consistent workout routine in the past.

What does virtual fitness look like for your employees and their families?

YouTube video tutorials or tech-enabled fitness equipment can be helpful for established fitness enthusiasts, but a more comprehensive corporate virtual fitness program is necessary to reach members at all levels. Our approach combines fitness content with technology and personalized recommendations from fitness professionals; a high-tech and high-touch combination for the best results.  Premise Health virtual fitness services include live and on-demand group exercise classes, webinars and meditation sessions, 1-on-1 fitness assessments and fitness coaching sessions, fun challenges, workouts of the day, and more. These options can be tailored to every fitness level, whether that’s a high performing athlete or someone who is just getting started.

Virtual fitness programs don’t have to be lonely or individual, there are lots of ways to access expert guidance throughout the fitness journey.   Members of all fitness levels should get the accountability and support they need to reach their goals, whether that’s achieving a new personal record, taking a morning walk, or just consistently moving every day. When members get as much support virtually as they do at an onsite fitness center, it can help them stick to a fitness regimen more consistently. The result is members that are happier, healthier, and more productive at work and at home.

Are your members hoping to retain certain aspects of the last year such as flexible work, more time with family, and better life balance? Virtual fitness easily fits into many people’s new lifestyles and is here to stay thanks to these three key advantages.

1. Health benefits beyond working out

The main goal of a corporate fitness program is to use physical activity to help employees feel better and be more productive, but there are many other benefits members can reap from a virtual wellness program. Improved mental health, better sleep, lower stress levels, establishing a stable routine that leads to healthy behavior changes, and a creating a sense of community among an organization are just a few of the benefits members will notice.

Virtual fitness programs also offer plenty of advantages to organizations as a whole. Research has shown that wellness programs can lead to better productivity and less days lost due to illness, meaning there are huge benefits to providing fitness and wellness activities that are accessible to employees and their families, no matter where they are.

2. Attracting top talent with virtual fitness benefits

With 55% of employees saying they’d like to be remote at least 3 days a week employers need to prepare for a hybrid approach to benefits including fitness, primary care, and behavioral health, in order to attract and retain top talent.

Thanks to flexible solutions like live and on-demand classes, pre-programmed workouts or quick fitness challenges, virtual fitness has become a work-from-home-friendly benefit that helps members fit exercise into their schedule wherever and whenever they want. Premise Health believes that the best-in-class programs of the future will allow employees to seamlessly transition between accessing the same health and fitness services onsite or virtually.

A combination of on campus fitness centers and virtual options can be a great incentive for attracting and retaining the best talent nationwide.

3. Accessible corporate wellness solutions for all

To help build healthy habits, employers need to provide their workforce with easy and highly accessible tools and support. Making the technology convenient through a mobile app and offering personalized support to help answer questions and guide workouts creates the ideal situation for successful adoption of healthy physical activity behaviors. With many workplaces considering hybrid schedules, virtual and in-person fitness allows employees and their families to move more whether they’re at home, on vacation, or in the office.

Moving forward, virtual fitness will continue to be an effective tool for engaging members wherever they are in their fitness journey – physically or metaphorically. Removing the barrier of walking into a fitness center can open fitness to all types of members who tend to neglect exercising, like busy parents or newcomers to working out. A hybrid offering of virtual and in-person is the key to reaching your entire population with this innovative benefit.

Offering the same robust fitness and wellness benefits to all members, regardless of location, has never been easier with a partner like Premise Health. Our team will handle engaging your people with interesting and varied class offerings, personalized support, and knowledgeable fitness expertise for them to lean on. Members can enjoy a convenient fitness option that they can personalize to their comfort level and customize it to fit into their schedule.

If you’re ready to bring this exciting benefit to your employees, learn more about how Premise Health can reach your entire employee population with virtual fitness offering here.

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