Best Practices for Bringing Corporate Health and Wellness Events to All

What do an annual flu shot clinic, a virtual 5K, and a corporate health fair all have in common? They’re all events that help bring important health and wellness services and activities directly to your employees and dependents (members).

Keep reading to learn more about the role they can play and how to put on highly engaging health events for your organization.

What problems do corporate health events solve?

Events, whether they’re digital or in-person, are powerful tools for getting your people involved in their health. If any of these common pain points sound like your organization, a corporate health event could provide a solution to your problem.

    • Members aren’t aware of the healthcare services available​
    • Members don’t know how to get started​ using health services
    • Members have difficulty finding time to get to the health center
    • Members are delaying preventive care visits

Events provide an easy jumping off point for members to become familiar with available healthcare services, an opportunity to get to know their providers, and a low-pressure way to start learning about their care options​.

How can health events help my members?

Events should be an important part of your organization’s health and wellness strategy, helping you meet workforce demands and promote a culture of wellness. Beyond being fun activities, events can impact someone’s health in several areas.


    • Eliminating barriers to health by bringing services directly to members.


    • A chance to educate members on the services available to them​.


    • An important first point of contact for new members to start engaging with their health.

Building a culture of wellness

    • Helps members build familiarity and increase engagement with their health, which leads to a workplace that fosters member wellbeing.

4 tips for successful corporate wellness events

Of course, you can’t just throw together any event and have it be a hit. Through our experience, we’ve learned a few tips to help drive utilization and make health and wellness events as successful as possible.

1. Offer incentives

Incentives can be simple, like free snacks, or more complex, like premium discounts or PTO days. Based on our industry experience, we’ve found that a blend of two combined incentives generates the highest event participation rates. For example, blended incentives for members with premium discounts create industry participation rates in the 60% to 95% range, versus simple FSA dollar incentives with participation rates between 10% and 50%​.

2. Promote the event

Letting your people know about your event is key. Keep marketing materials simple with a direct call to action and distribute to your members through a variety of print and digital channels​. Communication materials should be geared toward bringing your event experience to life along with creating a sense of urgency for members to attend.

At Premise, our member engagement team provides a full library of professional templates and promotional materials that can be used to promote your health center services and events.

3. Monitor and adjust as needed

Corporate health events are not a set it and forget it operation. To get the most value, you should continually monitor participation and adjust your strategy for the best results. The right event partner will assign a project manager to keep an eye on registration levels and recommend ideas to help specific jobsites that may be struggling with participation to meet established goals.

4. Leverage your wellbeing and engagement platforms

Integration with an established digital wellness platform that your members are already familiar with can help market events, encourage participation for your entire workforce, and boost attendance for in-person events. Use your platform to push out event notifications, offer rewards for engagement, and track member participation. Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company, offers these features along with a fully customizable wellbeing and engagement platform that allows you to completely tailor your offering to your members. By creating wellness programs that people enjoy and want to take part in, employers achieve higher event participation rates.

Corporate health and wellness event capabilities at Premise

A few examples of events we can facilitate include:

    • Biometric health screenings through eHealthScreenings​
    • Seasonal flu shots ​
    • Worksite physicals
    • COVID-19 vaccination and testing​
    • General vaccination events​ for routine immunizations such as Hepatitis, MMR, Polio, etc.
    • Fitness activities​ like a virtual 5K, yoga on the lawn, or a dodgeball league
    • Lunch and learns​ covering topics like lifestyle medicine or healthy eating
    • Cancer screenings such as skin cancer screenings or mobile mammography visits
    • Coaching events like a female health summit​
    • Educational booths at corporate health fairs or virtual health fairs

Events perfectly pair with digital or in-person healthcare services by bringing awareness and accessibility to members. They are an important part of any corporate health and wellness strategy that builds an overall culture of wellness at your organization.

At Premise, we have more than 50 years of experience facilitating a variety of health events and have even invested the industry’s leading technology-enabled biometric screening company, eHealthScreenings, to bring better, more useful health screening events to organizations nationwide.

Talk to us today about how we can help build custom corporate health events for your organization.

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