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#PremiseCares: Wellness center team members go the extra mile during COVID-19

Wellness center team members continue to go the extra mile by providing continuity of care to members during COVID-19. In September 2019, a patient with diabetes, hypertension and an above average BMI began treatment at a Premise wellness center. After consulting the center’s wellness coach, the member was counseled on diet and lifestyle changes. The member was able to make dramatic improvement by increasing his produce and water intake, eliminating fast foods and soda, and adding regular exercise to his routine. In the midst of the coronavirus, the providers were concerned that the member’s routine might change and he might revert to unhealthy behaviors.

#PremiseCares: Wellness center team members go the extra mile during COVID-19

Thanks to daily outreach and support through virtual visits, the member has not only stayed on track but continued to improve his health during COVID-19. With the help of his providers, the member has lost 36 pounds, eliminated his diabetes medication, and lowered his blood pressure. Thank you to our Premise providers for supporting our most vulnerable and creating continuity of care even when the going gets tough.


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