#PremiseCares: Pharmacist Goes Above and Beyond To Help Member Get Needed Medications

Recently, a member called her Premise Health pharmacy to ask about transferring one of her medications to a community pharmacy because she and her husband lived an hour from the onsite wellness center. The member shared that she only wanted to transfer a 3-day supply, to carry her over for a few days. When the pharmacist, Imarilis Toress, went into the system to verify the transfer, she saw that the copay for three days at the community pharmacy was more than what the member would pay for a 90-day supply at the Premise site. Imarilis offered to mail the medication, but the member needed it the following day and it would not arrive in time.

Imarilis checked the member’s home address and offered to deliver her medication personally, as she lived about 20 minutes away from her. The member was so surprised and grateful for this kind gesture. On her way home from work that day, Imarilis hand delivered the medication to the member. A few days later, Imarilis received a note at work that the patient had called to praise her services. She also received a handwritten letter from the member as a personal thank you for going above and beyond what was expected. Thank you, Imarilis, for extending our care vision beyond our pharmacy walls!

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