#PremiseCares: Premise Provider Offers Mental Health Support to Member Struggling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

At Premise Health, our collaborative approach to care emphasizes good health for mind and body. The global pandemic has only increased the need for behavioral health resources. One member called her Premise Health pharmacist recently to discuss her mental health. Her entire family had recently contracted COVID-19, and although she tested negative, her mental health was suffering from the stress. She mentioned feeling depressed and wasn’t sure who to call or what to do during this stressful time. Additionally, her lack of energy had started to interfere with her medication routine. The member said she remembered how supportive and caring the pharmacy staff had been to her and thought they might be able to help her.

Premise Health pharmacist, Loan Tran, listened to the member’s concerns and encouraged her to begin taking short walks and getting back to cooking healthier meals that she had enjoyed pre-pandemic. Loan followed up with the member the next day to check on her progress and discuss her prescriptions. The member noted that she had already begun taking 10–15-minute walks and was feeling less stressed. Loan noted that while this may seem a small victory to most, this was a tremendous win for the member. This bit of encouragement helped the member get back on track with her medications and greatly improved her mental health. Thank you, Loan, for providing our members with a safe place where they feel supported knowing help is always available.

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