#PremiseCares: Premise Provider Goes Above and Beyond to Care for a Member’s Family

At Premise Health, we pride ourselves on taking care of you and yours. Our providers are able to spend more time with patients to form trusted connections and deliver the highest-quality care. During a recent follow-up visit to a Premise Health Wellness Center, one member informed her provider, Catherine Sullivan, that she was experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress. Her mother was very sick but due to the pandemic she hadn’t been able to visit her. Catherine took extra time with the member to educate her on the wonderful hospice services in the area and what home care services were available. She also mentioned that she was a volunteer for hospice.

Catherine then advised the member on how to get a referral from her mother’s healthcare provider to transfer her services to hospice. The member’s mother was accepted by hospice and was brought home shortly thereafter. The member later called Catherine to let her know that she had been able to care for and spend time with her mother and that she had died peacefully one week later surrounded by the people who loved her.

Thank you, Catherine, for going above and beyond to ensure our members and their families are well cared for.

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