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Lifestyle Medicine

Promote healthier living with lifestyle medicine.

A holistic approach to better health.

Premise Health embraces and promotes lifestyle medicine as part of our holistic approach to disease prevention, management, improvement, and reversal by performing regular member lifestyle risk assessments.

Better choices, better outcomes.

Improve Employee Quality of Life

Changing unhealthy behaviors and making better choices is foundational to Premise Health’s approach to medical care, disease prevention, and health promotion. That’s why our lifestyle medicine program focuses on managing diet, sleep, stress, physical activity, and relationships, to take healthy living to a whole new level.

A Supportive Team by Your Side

Premise Health’s team of care providers are educated using the Behavior Change Generalist Model in collaboration with health coaching specialists to learn key skills. We use pharmacotherapy as the medicine of choice. We strive to reverse conditions, minimize their impact, or eliminate the need for medications.

A Focus on Behavior Change

We use evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches to address target behaviors to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic disease and promote optimal health and wellness. Examples of target member behaviors include eliminating tobacco use, improving diet, sleep and relationships, increasing physical activity, and moderating alcohol consumption.

Our lifestyle medicine services:

  • Diet & nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Tobacco & alcohol
  • Stress management
  • Sleep
  • Relationship management

Related Lifestyle Services

Our wellness coaches help members with weight control, stress, exercise, medical condition management, smoking cessation, and work/life balance–all of which contribute to a positive overall well-being.

We help design and manage full-service onsite and nearsite fitness centers that match any organization’s culture and help build participation, so members stay active, strong, and fit.

Through group nutritional classes or individual sessions, our nutritionists tailor the right solutions for each member’s unique needs.


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