Premise Health Continues National Nearsite Wellness Center Expansion in the Chicago Market

Premise Health, the nation’s leading direct health care company, opened a new nearsite wellness center in Northbrook, Illinois. It will serve employees and dependents from Allstate and other local employers, increasing care access in the Chicago area and further adding to the company’s nearsite network of 14 markets across the country.

“Allstate has enjoyed a trusted relationship with Premise Health since 2011 when it began operating our Northbrook office’s onsite wellness center,” said Melissa Rinker, Allstate Director of Benefits Design and Planning. “Now, since most of our employees work remotely, we’re thrilled Premise Health opened a new nearsite wellness center. Our Northbrook-area employees will still get access to the high-quality, personalized and affordable health care services they’ve enjoyed for more than 11 years.”

Expanding services in Chicago, Atlanta, and other major markets across the U.S. is part of a long-term, strategic effort to grow the Premise nearsite network. With nearsite expansion projects planned for 2023, including several additional sites in the Chicago market, Premise will also continue to partner with employers to add members to its already established wellness centers. Premise operates more dedicated nearsite primary care sites for employers than any other provider in the country, and demand is growing.

“Employers and industry watchers recognize that health care costs, already unsustainable, are poised to increase substantially in 2023 and beyond as hospitals and health systems renegotiate their contracts with insurers and pass on their own rising costs for labor and other supplies,” said Stu Clark, chief executive officer, Premise. “Our model decreases total health care spend by leveraging the primary care team to focus on the whole patient and by navigating them to the highest quality, highest value facilities in the local community. We are pleased to partner with employers to bring care into the neighborhoods where their people live.”

The average cost of employer health coverage for a family in 2022 is approximately $22,000 a year, according to Kaiser Family Foundation.

In addition to the Northbrook location, which will be shared among multiple employers, Premise operates 16 onsite and nearsite wellness centers in the Chicago area that are dedicated to single employers. It serves 13 local organizations, including large, self-funded employers and Taft-Hartley funds, totaling more than 265,000 lives covered, including dependents.

Premise’s nearsite wellness centers, which follow the patient centered medical home model, provide comprehensive, personalized care designed to help people improve their health. The Northbrook center offers primary care services, including preventive exams, biometric screenings, acute and urgent care, specialist and referral management, and women’s health. In addition to in-person appointments, the wellness center offers virtual visits through My Premise Health.

Nearsite wellness centers are a core component of Premise’s integrated access model, which also includes onsite and digital care. Overall, Premise operates more than 800 wellness centers across 45 states and Guam, serving approximately 400 large employer clients.

The Northbrook nearsite continues to accept new member organizations. Employers can learn more about Premise’s approach to nearsite care here.