Premise Health Opens Two Nearsite Wellness Centers in Atlanta, Georgia

Premise Health, the nation’s leading direct health care company, is opening two nearsite wellness centers in Atlanta, Georgia, empowering employers in the market to provide easy access to high-quality health care for their employees and dependents. This expansion is part of a larger effort to expand the Premise nearsite network in multiple markets across the U.S., increasing access and value for millions of Premise members.

Located in the cities of Smyrna and Tyrone, the Premise nearsite wellness centers will serve populations in the greater Atlanta area. For employers with hybrid, dispersed, and remote populations, or with a high concentration of dependents, nearsite wellness centers offer a convenient way to bring high-quality primary care close to where people live, work and go to school. The new nearsite wellness centers further expand Premise’s commitment to Atlanta. The company now operates 21 wellness centers in the Atlanta area serving 17 clients and more than 175,000 eligible members.

Research shows that access to high-quality, affordable primary care improves health outcomes and lowers overall costs for a population over time. In Atlanta, employers face healthcare prices 21% above the national median, according to Health Care Cost Institute. Nearsite wellness centers aim to lower costs by delivering personal, same day or next day primary care to member organizations and their people, reducing unnecessary emergency room admissions and other high-cost utilization.

“Large employers are focused on two health care trends currently: first, they are watching rising health care costs driven by both inflation and the downstream impact of delayed and deferred care from the pandemic, and second, they are bringing care closer not only to employees but also to dependents, who account for much of their health care spend,” said Stu Clark, CEO, Premise Health. “Our mission at Premise is to help people get, stay, and be well, which means we must continue evolving how we deliver care to reach employees and families where they are, whether that is on campus or in their neighborhoods, or in-person or virtually so we can provide the high-quality, convenient, personal health care experiences that lead to better health and lower costs.”

The new Atlanta nearsite wellness centers offer comprehensive primary care services, including preventive exams, chronic condition management, biometric screenings, acute and urgent care, specialist and referral management, women’s health, behavioral health counseling, physical therapy, lab services, and provider dispensing. In-person and virtual appointments are available.

Nearsite wellness centers are shared among multiple employers and dedicated to their eligible employees and their families. Nearsite is a core component of Premise’s integrated access model, which also includes onsite and digital care. Premise currently has nearsite wellness centers shared among multiple employers in 14 different markets across the country. It operates wellness centers in 300 metropolitan markets across 45 states and Guam, serving more than 400 large employer clients.

The Atlanta nearsite locations, which currently are accepting new member organizations, have capacity to serve approximately 18,000 lives.

Employers can learn more about Premise’s approach to nearsite care here.