Premise Health to Expand its Market-Leading Nearsite Health and Wellness Services in 10 Markets Nationwide

As nearsite health care grows in importance, this expansion empowers organizations to better serve hybrid work environments and enhances care for dependent populations

Premise Health, the largest direct health care provider and an OMERS portfolio company, today announced plans to continue to expand its nearsite health and wellness services in 10 markets across the US, creating greater access and value for its 11 million eligible members. The markets included as part of this expansion are New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas Fort-Worth, Boston, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Premise Health currently has nearsite wellness centers in more than 45 markets, including San Francisco, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Denver, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. With this expansion, which grows Premise Health’s market-leading existing nearsite networks and pushes into new cities, the company will have more than 140 nearsite wellness centers. These centers complement onsite wellness centers located in more than 300 metropolitan markets and 24/7, nationwide digital health offered through the Premise Health Digital Wellness Center.

The decision by Premise Health to expand recognizes the rising importance of nearsite and digital health access in a post-COVID environment. With people most likely to seek primary health care services at locations that are convenient and close to home, nearsite wellness centers enhance access to care for hybrid workforces. They also bring convenient health care to eligible family members, who often represent more than half of employers’ insured population and account for 65% of claims spend.

“Many organizations are rethinking their approaches to the workplace in an effort to better serve the ever-changing needs of their people,” said Premise Health president Jami Doucette, MD, MBA, CSCS. “Over the past 18+ months, we have seen a growing demand for nearsite and digital health and wellness services, especially as businesses manage hybrid work models and bring employees back on site in a part-time capacity.”

“The future of the workplace is undoubtedly hybrid, and organizations recognize their benefits strategies must evolve to support all of their team members, no matter where they live and work. When combined with onsite and digital health services, companies can ensure their populations have access to the type of care they need, when and where they need it most,” Doucette continued.

In addition to bringing care close to home, key benefits of nearsite health centers include dedicated provider teams, flexible scheduling including same-day visits, and shorter wait times. Nearsite centers are dedicated to clients’ populations and offer in-person and digital appointments.