The 8 Benefits of a Nearsite Health Center

Given eligible family members often represent more than half of the insured population and account for 65% of claims spend for employers – access to convenient, high-quality healthcare is a must. That’s where nearsite health centers come in.

Nearsite health centers are centrally located in the community and often complement onsite centers, filling the gap for members’ families who may experience barriers due to security protocols or driving distance from home to an onsite health center.

With a substantial portion of the population working remotely and community resources still ramping up operations, nearsite centers can deliver dependable and comprehensive healthcare for the whole family in-person or virtually.

Here are eight benefits your population receives from a nearsite health center.

  1. Dependent Access – With dependents representing over 65% of healthcare claims, nearsite health centers drive significant savings for you while lowering costs for them.
  2. Primary Care Focus – Studies show that prioritizing primary care delivers greater value to members, improves outcomes, and lowers costs.
  3. In the Neighborhood – The best care is always convenient and nearby. Whether it’s a dedicated or shared center, closing the distance between members and their providers delivers the most value.
  4. Personalized Care – With more time to spend, providers get to know everyone that comes through the door. This care is effortless, and your employees and their families reap the benefits.
  5. Cost-Effective – Changing the conversation from treatment to prevention improves population health and reduces healthcare spend per member. With highly personalized care, nearsite providers can effectively target high-cost conditions, meaning fewer visits to expensive community resources.
  6. A Scalable Approach – Expanded access with nearsite centers means you can serve much more than your workforce population—and continue to serve them however you grow.
  7. State-of-the-Art Technology – High-tech but still high-touch, we use technology to simplify care. From where members get services to online appointment scheduling, smarter, faster care has arrived.
  8. Privacy Promised – We comply with the same strict level of HIPAA as any other healthcare provider. To protect your personal data, we’ve achieved HITRUST CSF certification status in information security.

Having access to nearsite health centers improves member health, lowers total healthcare costs, and makes companies stand out in a highly competitive job market. Premise Health’s nearsite health centers offer a powerful, effortless healthcare experience designed to make people healthier, happier, and more productive.

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Premise Health is the leading direct healthcare provider offering onsite wellness centers, as well as nearsite and virtual access points.

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