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#PremiseCares: Through COVID-19, optometrists continue to provide care to our members and their dependents

While the healthcare system is overrun in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we are thankful to our provider teams that help us keep our health centers open and treat patients that need care. Recently, one of Premise Health’s optometrists, Trisha Roberts, OD, received a call from a nurse at a local urgent care clinic asking if she was still seeing patients. One of our members had a 4-year-old son with a possible corneal abrasion and was refusing to open his eye at all. The mother rushed him to the Premise wellness center to see Trisha where she was able to coax the boy into letting her give him a numbing eye drop. The boy saw instant relief, which allowed Trisha to treat the eye properly. The patient went from barely being able to walk into the exam room to smiling and jumping on his way out.

#PremiseCares: Through COVID-19, optometrists continue to provide care to our members and their dependents

This story is just one example of the important care that our centers are providers offer to our members. We are thankful to team members like Trisha who are working on the front lines to continue helping our members and their dependents get, stay, and be well. The mother and patient were extremely pleased with their prompt care and the attention we were able to provide for her son. Thank you, Trisha!

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