#PremiseCares: Provider Uses Lifestyle Medicine Practices to Change Member’s Life

At Premise Health, each of our providers goes through behavior change generalist training because we know that lifestyle is the foundation of disease prevention, treatment, and reversal. One provider, Toni Strand, has put this passion into practice by integrating lifestyle medicine into each member touchpoint.

In July 2020, Toni began treating Brittany Lee, a busy mom and mother of two who was struggling with her health during a difficult time. Toni guided Brittany through lifestyle changes that could improve her health, including reducing her sugar intake, eating meatless for one day per week, and increasing her daily water intake. Seven months later, Brittany has lost 50 pounds and has an improved quality of life thanks to Toni’s care.

In addition to making healthier choices for herself, Brittany has also involved her husband and daughter in her lifestyle improvements. Her husband has lost 30 pounds and is managing his chronic illness more effectively. Brittany continues to take steps to improve her health through lifestyle medicine and recently enrolled as a member at her local gym to incorporate more regular exercise into her routine.

Congratulations to Brittany on all of her successes and thank you to Toni for helping guide our members to better health. This lifestyle medicine week, we celebrate you!

For more information on lifestyle medicine, click here.

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