#PremiseCares: Provider identifies signs of colon cancer through preventive care approach

At Premise Health, our holistic approach to primary care focuses on the long-term health of our members. We put an emphasis on preventive services because we know that it is critical for detecting many illnesses early. Premise Health provider, Jennifer Lowe, fully embraces that approach. When one member repeatedly came to the wellness center asking for over-the-counter acid reflux medication, Jennifer inquired what symptoms he was trying to solve for. Many of the symptoms that he detailed were early signs of colon cancer and, while discussing his medical history, Jennifer discovered that the member had never had a colonoscopy before. At her insistence, the member agreed to schedule an appointment with his primary care physician.

Pictured: Jennifer Lowe, NP
Pictured: Jennifer Lowe, NP

Weeks later the member returned to purchase more acid reflux medication and reluctantly told Jennifer that he hadn’t scheduled the appointment. Jennifer offered to schedule the colonoscopy on his behalf, and he agreed. A few weeks after his colonoscopy, the member came to see Jennifer to let her know that he had been diagnosed with stage 3 invasive colon cancer. Through tears, the member told Jennifer that he hopes to make it through the surgery and that had she not taken an interest in him and been conveniently accessible at his workplace, he would not have had the colonoscopy and would have died from the cancer.

The member is now undergoing chemotherapy as he awaits his surgery date. He remains optimistic and hopeful and is doing well with the treatment. Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do for our members. We are grateful for your dedication to providing high-quality, personalized care.

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