#PremiseCares: Premise providers deliver integrated care that facilitates an exceptional, life-changing member experience

After five years of searching for accessible behavioral health services for her deaf child, one mother was desperate to find a solution. She reached out to multiple behavioral health providers in her community, but they refused to facilitate translation services. Frustrated, she confided in her Premise Health primary care provider, Dr. Philip Shriver, when he asked how she was doing during a visit. Upon identifying the problem, he immediately stepped into action.

The provider facilitated a warm hand-off to the Health Center Manager, Deborah Clark, who got the member scheduled for a behavioral health visit and worked with the Director of Client Operations, Tim Weil, to stand up Propio American Sign Language (ASL) Video Remote Interpreting services.

The child was seen onsite for a behavioral health intake with Dr. John Drozd, accompanied by two of Propio’s interpreters who provided translation virtually. After the appointment was complete, the mother was tearful and reported that they had been struggling to find help since her son was thirteen. Everyone had told them that her child needed counseling but offered no concrete solutions – until now. The mother said the translation services were a “miracle” and her son said the experience was “amazing” and that the interpreters got his signs “perfectly.”

Thank you to Dr. Phillip Shriver, Deborah Clark, Tim Weil, and Dr. John Drozd for creating exceptional member experiences that build deeper connections and foster trusted relationships through heart-centered, member first, integrated care!

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