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#PremiseCares: Premise Health wellness providers pivot to virtual-first approach

When employees began working remotely, one Premise Health wellness center team jumped at the opportunity to engage members by transitioning all of their programs, offerings, and challenges to a virtual setting.

Many of the planned offerings through the Wellness Portal had to be modified to mimic the current changes that associates were facing with work-from-home. Their “Healthy Habit” challenge was transitioned to a “Choose a New Attitude” challenge, in which members were challenged to think positively for five out of seven days of the week to earn wellness points. “Food for Thought” was also launched virtually as a place for members to ask wellness coaches their questions in an open mic environment.

The team created “Mindful Moment” webinars for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to walk attendees through mindfulness activities with an EAP counselor. All of the new programs were specifically created to assist in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression while also enhancing mood and resiliency.

#PremiseCares: Premise Health wellness providers pivot to virtual-first approach

By taking the time to transition their offerings to a virtual setting, this wellness center team has been able to stay connected with their members during the pandemic. They hope to continue improving and coming up with innovative and collaborative ways to reach their members. Thank you, team, for all you do!

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