#PremiseCares: Pharmacists volunteer to help administer COVID-19 vaccines for those who need them most

While discussing the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine, two Premise Health pharmacists, Ben Rapp and Taylor Reed, started brainstorming ways that they could use their skills to pitch in and help their communities. Ben told Taylor about an email he had received from Hands On Nashville earlier that week looking for volunteers to help with the logistics of administering vaccine to those 75 and over at the Davidson County Department of Health in Nashville, Tennessee. Ben had already signed up and Taylor was quick to join in.

#PremiseCares: Pharmacists volunteer to help administer COVID-19 vaccines for those who need them most
Pictured: Ben Rapp and Taylor Reed

That Saturday, Ben and Taylor went to the Department of Health and met with the director to find out their assignments. They were placed at a station that handed out paperwork, confirmed demographic information and then directed individuals where to go to receive their shot. However, when it was discovered that they were both pharmacists, they were quickly ushered to the back and given a tutorial from one of the nurses on how to dilute and draw up the vaccine. The nurses were having a hard time keeping up with the number of vaccines needed because the process of moving patients through was really picking up and they needed all the help they could get to have vaccine ready for administration. Taylor and Ben spent the rest of the day preparing vaccine for injection.

At the end of the day, several nurses came to personally thank Ben and Taylor for showing up that day and for putting their skills to good use. Taylor and Ben were touched at the trust that the nurses instilled in them and were thankful to be able to donate their talent and time to those most in need within our community. “I ended the day on a high. It felt so good to help care for this generation of people that needed this vaccine the most. It was also heartwarming as these 75 and overs were so incredibly grateful to be receiving the vaccine and recognized that almost everyone there making it happen was a volunteer,” remarked Ben.

Thank you, Ben and Taylor, for going above and beyond to help your community!

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