#PremiseCares: Pharmacists provide personalized care to members during COVID-19

During COVID-19, Premise pharmacists play an integral role not only in dispensing medication but also in educating members and providing personalized care. When a husband and wife reached out to one of our pharmacists about the difficulty they were having administering medication to their infant, the pharmacist was able to provide them with the personalized advice and instruction they needed. The pharmacist conducted a telephonic visit and provided the parents with administration techniques and helpful tips on dosing.

#PremiseCares: Pharmacists provide personalized care to members during COVID-19

The pharmacist then went the extra mile by going into work on Saturday to make a check-in call to the family and ask about their progress. The couple reported amazing results and were very appreciative of the pharmacy team’s recommendations and the individualized attention. Thank you to all our pharmacy teams for their devotion to providing high-quality, focused care.

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