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#PremiseCares: Health Center Manager gives peace of mind to at-risk member

One of Premise Health’s Health Center Managers, Suzanne Reuter, continues to go the extra mile for members at her wellness center. Although the office has been closed since mid-March, Suzanne has been staying connected and providing care through virtual visits for her members. Recently, one of her long-time patients called in with COVID-19 symptoms. The member was considered high-risk but had been denied a test at her local urgent care because she wasn’t an essential worker. Suzanne was able to call around and secure a test for the member at a drive-thru center just a few miles from the patient’s home. Suzanne counseled the patient on how to treat her symptoms, how to best isolate herself from her husband, and educated her on the signs and symptoms that would warrant more urgent follow up.

#PremiseCares: Health Center Manager gives peace of mind to at-risk member
Pictured: Suzanne Reuter

The member was extremely grateful for Suzanne’s support and sent the following feedback:

“Giving me advice as a professional is something you do very well but being able to arrange for my COVID testing is something you did that I am personally indebted to you. The peace of mind you gave me and my husband is priceless! My husband cannot believe that you also do follow-up calls. Kudos to you for your faithfulness to your profession and patient care!”

Way to go Suzanne!

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