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#PremiseCares: Emergency diagnosis helps boy get home and healthy in time for the holidays

Every day, Premise Health providers build meaningful relationships that members and their families can trust, including identifying when members need emergency care. The time spent with members is especially important in a virtual-first environment during COVID-19. Recently, a mother reached out to Premise’s national virtual health primary care team to seek guidance for her son. The child had been experiencing abdominal pain for several days and steroid treatment was not improving his condition. After conducting a virtual exam, in which our provider, Lauren Prendes, NP, was able to spend meaningful time with the mother and her son, Lauren determined that the child might be experiencing appendicitis.

Pictured: Lauren Prendes, MSN, NP-C
Pictured: Lauren Prendes, NP

Following Lauren’s advice, the mother took her son to the emergency room where they validated the diagnosis. The boy was transported to a nearby children’s hospital, had surgery, and returned home in time for the holidays. Because Premise Health providers are more engaged and spend more time with members, they’re able to identify potential problems and ensure appropriate care is delivered when it matters most. Thank you, Premise Health providers, for all you do!

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