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#PremiseCares: Premise provider helps member through return-to-work process

Premise Health case manager, Gail Matthews, has been working tirelessly through COVID-19 to help her members return-to-work safely. When one of her patients received a return-to-work note from her primary care provider, Gail knew that it was incorrect. The member had been diagnosed with a blood clot and her work schedule at the manufacturing facility would include prolonged periods of standing.

#PremiseCares: Premise provider helps member through return-to-work process

After speaking with the patient’s primary care provider, Gail was able to correct the note to prevent the member from returning to work until her condition was resolved. In doing so, Gail potentially thwarted complications of further complications, such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Thanks to Gail’s prolonged relationship with her member, she was able to ensure that the appropriate steps were taken to get her back to work safely. Thank you, Gail!


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