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#PremiseCares: Premise pharmacists’ small gesture lifts spirits during COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, members have been staying home and attempting to limit trips to the store, which means that certain medications have become less accessible. During a routine phone call, one member inquired about whether or not her husband could take acetaminophen that expired two months prior. After outlining the potential risks, the pharmacist offered to add the prescription to her mailed order. The member politely declined, stating that her husband only uses the medication on rare occasions.

#PremiseCares: Premise pharmacists' small gesture lifts spirits during COVID-19

The Premise pharmacist knew that the member’s husband would eventually need to venture out to purchase new medication if his headaches returned. With this in mind, she purchased a bottle of the medication on her own and placed it in the member’s mail order with a note that said “it’s on the house!” The member thanked her profusely and said that it made her husband’s day to know that Premise was there for all of their health needs during this difficult time. Way to go, pharmacy team!


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