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#PremiseCares: Premise optometrist and RN provide essential care to member during COVID-19

As coronavirus cases have continued to rise across the country, Premise providers have had to find innovative ways to assist their members. Dr. Dawn Matocha, a Premise optometrist, and Corsica Woodbury, RN, have done just that. When one of their members presented with symptoms of a serious eye infection, Dr. Matocha volunteered to come in over the holiday weekend to provide her with the care she needed. The member’s symptoms were continuing to worsen and she feared she would have to go to the hospital and risk exposure to COVID-19. Dr. Matocha contacted an on-call ophthalmologist, who provided expertise on primary care treatment options that could be provided onsite.

Pictured: Corsica Woodbury, RN, and Dr. Dawn Matocha

Following the care guidelines of the ophthalmologist, Corsica provided the member with an antibiotic shot to reduce her symptoms and scheduled a follow-up appointment for the following week. The team was pleased to see that her symptoms had greatly decreased and the member was in much higher spirits. Thank you to Dr. Matocha and Corsica for providing compassionate care to our members during these uncertain times.


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