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#PremiseCares: Premise NP provides vital care through telephonic and virtual visits

Premise Health Nurse Practitioner, Yemi Ikhile, FNP, conducted a telephonic screening call with a member complaining of repeated chest tightness. Through the assessment, she learned that the member had a family history of heart problems and was at high-risk for complications but was too nervous to go to see a doctor during the pandemic. After much reassurance, Yemi was able to convince the member that an EKG and bloodwork from her primary care provider were vital to her health. Following a visit with her PCP, the member’s EKG came back abnormal and she was referred to a cardiologist.

Pictured: Yemi Ikhile, FNP

Without the telephonic and virtual visits that Premise provides, this member could have easily slipped through the cracks of the overrun local healthcare system. Thank you to all our providers who continue to provide comprehensive primary care to our members in the midst of a pandemic.


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