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#PremiseCares: Pharmacists use proactive approach to care for members with chronic conditions during COVID-19

In early March, the CDC announced that people with chronic conditions should stock up on 30 day supplies of their medications in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. For most people, this meant waiting in long, crowded lines at busy retail pharmacies to find their prescription. We are extremely thankful to our Premise Health pharmacists and pharmacy managers, at over 60 employer locations across the country, who took a proactive approach to the situation and helped all our members get their supplies, stress-free.

Using our integrated electronic medical record (EMR) and collaborating with Premise provider counterparts across the country, our pharmacists were able to:

  • Pull medical records of all members managing chronic conditions
  • Fill 30 day supplies of prescriptions and testing equipment for each
  • Notify members that the prescriptions were available for pick-up before Stay-At-Home orders went into place

In the rare instances where members were already sheltering in place, Premise was able to directly ship those supplies to the member. Thank you to all the Premise pharmacists and pharmacy managers who made this possible. We know that your proactive approach has put our members in a much better position to weather this storm and we are grateful to you for your help.


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