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#PremiseCares: One Premise member sums up her secret to a healthy life in two words

At Premise Health, our goal is to help our members make healthier choices and change their lifestyle behaviors by emphasizing a whole person approach. One provider, Maureen Jamieson, met with a member every month for the member’s entire career to make sure she was staying motivated and on track to meet her goals of losing weight, getting more sleep, and dealing with her stress in proactive ways. Thanks to Maureen’s encouragement and advice, the member was able to lose 30 pounds since her first visit and now sleeps an average of two to three hours more per night. When asked about her secret to success, the member always answers “Maureen Jamieson”.

Maureen Jamieson, RN | #PremiseCares
Pictured: Maureen Jamieson, RN

When the member informed Maureen that she was retiring soon, Maureen went the extra mile to provide her with a playbook and all the resources she would need to continue making progress on her own. Thank you, Maureen, for gearing our members with the knowledge to make healthier lifestyle choices. You’re making a real difference for our members.


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