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Access to care on campus or in the community.

<a href='/access/physical-access/onsite-health-centers/'>Onsite Health Centers</a>

Onsite Health Centers

By bringing care to where members work, organizations provide revolutionary access to the best care possible that helps them get, stay, and be well.

<a href='/access/physical-access/nearsite-health-centers/'>Nearsite Health Centers</a>

Nearsite Health Centers

The best care is always nearby. Access to nearsite centers means you can serve much more than your workforce population and close the distance between members and their providers.

<a href='/access/physical-access/centers-of-excellence/'>Centers of Excellence</a>

Centers of Excellence

Through our partnership with Mayo Clinic, we provide streamlined access to high-quality specialty care for members with complex needs or for those unable to find answers elsewhere.

<a href='/access/physical-access/mobile/'>Mobile Health</a>

Mobile Health

Do you have multiple offices within a small geographic area? Giving your people access to high-quality care via a mobile health center can help create a thriving community.

<a href='/access/physical-access/event/'>Event Solutions</a>

Event Solutions

Whether you want to energize your team with a wellness event, prepare for flu season, or give them valuable insights into their health, we have a custom event solution for you.

"The care and service provided are second to none. I feel like I truly have a partner in health when I come to the health center."

Member in Plano, Texas

State-of-the-art physical access from coast to coast.

We have the largest care network in the country. We collaborate with clients and use our hard-won expertise to take care of everything you need.

Years of Experience

Our members love us. A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty score that indicates how likely a member is to recommend us to friends and family.

Net Promoter Score

Comprehensive products for everyone.

We’re proud to offer the widest range of products of any direct healthcare provider. Our customized approach means organizations can tailor their offerings to the specific needs of their people and their families.


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