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Now exceptional care is everywhere you are.

It’s time to swap complexity for convenience.

Healthcare only works if people actually use it. Our Access+ approach offers every member the opportunity to access care in a way that’s most convenient. By bringing care closer with our physical and digital access models, we’re removing the hassles and headaches. With innovative technology, we’re streamlining processes and proactively helping members stay on top of their health. And using predictive analytics, we’ll always stay one step ahead.

DigitalStay connected to your provider anytime, anywhere.
PhysicalLocated at work, or in the community.

Digital Access

Virtual Care

Regardless of the time of day or how far members are from home, a fully licensed provider is only a short video, message, or phone call away. Our secure member portal, My Premise Health, allows members to make appointments, refill medications, view health records and fill out forms before their provider visit.

Connected Devices

As the country’s most connected healthcare company, members can choose from thousands of devices to sync with their health record, so our providers stay up to date between visits.

Physical Access

Onsite Health Centers

Onsite centers are located where members work and puts their treatment just steps away from their offices. This center belongs solely to the organization, their members, and their members dependents. Organizations can tailor care to their members. We provide revolutionary access to the best care possible to help members be well and stay well.

Nearsite Health Centers

Dependents are responsible for 65% of healthcare spend. That’s why putting care in the neighborhood is crucial to meeting the needs of this population. Whether it’s your organization’s health center or a shared center, we’re closing the distance between members and their providers.


Whether your people are at one location or multiple, our mobile health solutions operate on a rotating schedule to ensure every member receives care, regardless of their shifts. From physicals and immunizations to mobile health screenings, we deliver better care on location.


Our customizable event solutions are built around your population’s unique needs. From COVID-19 screenings and worksite physicals, to corporate 5ks and seasonal flu vaccines, our turnkey solutions provide everything you need to meet workforce demands.

Centers of Excellence

For members with serious or complex needs, Premise Health offers expedited access to the highest quality specialty care in the nation. Leveraging our partnerships, we ensure members receive rapid evaluation, accurate diagnoses, and appropriate treatment.

Premise Health plays an important role in making Tufts Health Plan a great place to work.

Kristine Martel, VP of Human Resources, Tufts Health Plan

Overachieving on member satisfaction.

To deliver the best care, we measure how we’re doing through member satisfaction. The rating for customer loyalty, the Net Promoter Score (NPS), is based on the likelihood of being recommended. While the closest healthcare leaders earn ratings in the 30s, Premise Health scores an NPS of 94.

Higher value. Not higher costs.

Along with giving our clients a way to reduce copays and in some cases, even eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for members, we help our clients take back control of their healthcare spending with lower claims and prescription costs. Here are some ways we’ve driven real financial impact for our current clients:

reduction in inpatient admissions
reduction in workers’ compensation costs
reduction in claim payouts
gross savings in total cost of care

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