Premise Health Presents on Access and Value at the 2022 Onsite Employee Health Clinics Summit

In recent years, direct healthcare has taken center stage as a key benefit for organizations focused on enhancing healthcare quality and experiences, while also lowering costs.

Last week organizations from across the country met in Scottsdale, AZ at the Onsite Employee Health Clinics Summit by World Conference Forum to discuss leading-edge strategies for building and expanding access to care for employee populations through dedicated wellness centers.

Clay Elder, senior vice president of business development strategy for Premise Health, and Tom Brown, CEBS, director of total rewards for Hormel Foods Corporation, took the stage for a presentation on “More Access, More Value: Keys to Success for Employer-Sponsored Healthcare.” Elder and Brown discussed how providing digital and in-person care to organizations can make a difference for organizations and their workforces.

Three takeaways from their presentation were:

    1. Data, data, data. When considering new benefits strategies, organizations should always start with their data. What challenges do their populations face? Are they experiencing variable cost or quality across markets? By starting with data companies can tailor their strategies to address specific concerns or needs, and also measure their future progress against a baseline.
    2. Communication is key! During the COVID-19 pandemic, educating employees on benefits has been a challenge as many traditional modes of communication, such as in-person meetings and events, were not possible. However, communication is critical to engagement. Whether investing in onsite, nearsite, or digital solutions, focus on how your population – including dependents – receives information and meet them where they are.
    3. Play the long game. Investing in direct healthcare is just that – an investment that yields dividends over time. Embracing healthcare services like physical therapy and health coaching, which may not have an immediate, measurable ROI, can pay off over time through higher employee engagement with the health center, and by helping people avoid surgery or change their habits.

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